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The Cure for Political Extremism in the US with Tom Charron

Nov 8, 2022

Solutions From The Multiverse interviews one of the co-founders of Cal RCV, Tom Charron

Map of California cities using RCV

*Featuring Tom Charron from CalRCV


Politics in the US has gotten more and more extreme over the past few years. A complex mix of changes in class, laws, technology, and the media have created a witches' brew for political extremism. The January 6th insurrection and the recent assassination attempt on Nancy Pelosi underscore this new brand of violent political extremism.

Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is one way many experts suggest we can slow down, stop, and even reverse this trend in extremism. RCV supporters also claim the voting rule change would eliminate "spoiler votes" and open up all elections to third-party candidates. To understand RCV more, in this episode of SFM, Scot and Braus interviewed Tom Charron the cofounder of CalRCV, the organization fighting for Rank Choice Voting in California.

The solution this week is not RCV itself; instead, the gang explores some potential out-of-the-box ways to spread RCV across the state and the country.


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