Do you feel like your views are properly represented by the politicians who are supposed to represent you?

We didn't think so.

There’s a simple, cost-effective change that is proven to make democracy more fair, more representative, and more functional. It’s called Ranked Choice Voting, and it’s already making government better in California and other states across the U.S.

RCV makes every vote more meaningful and gives us all more choice.

Better representation of what voters care about

Voters can choose across a wider ideological range, including other parties. Each of us can vote our conscience without worrying about accidentally electing the candidate we like the least (the “spoiler effect”).

Reduced polarization

In RCV elections, candidates are incentivized to appeal to the broadest possible coalition of their constituents — not just a vocal minority. This rewards less polarizing candidates and reduces negative campaigning.

Better representation of our diversity

RCV is proven to increase the diversity of elected officials to more closely match the communities they work for, including more people of color, more women, and more diverse political viewpoints

When California voters are given the choice to use RCV, they do so overwhelmingly.

  • Oakland (adopted in 2006, using since 2010)
  • San Francisco (adopted 2002, using since 2004)
  • San Leandro (adopted as option in 2000 charter amendment, using since 2010)
  • Berkeley (adopted 2004, using since 2010)
  • Albany (adopted for 2022 implementation)
  • Eureka (adopted for 2022 implementation)
  • Palm Desert (adopted for 2022 implementation)

The California RCV Coalition’s mission is to give more Californians the choice to use RCV by supporting local campaigns and building the groundwork for statewide adoption of RCV.

Adoption of RCV in a state as big as California is a long-term effort. To raise awareness, build confidence, and enjoy the benefits of RCV faster, we cultivate and harness grassroots energy to support local RCV campaigns with training, guidance, volunteers, financial, and legal support. We are simultaneously laying the foundation to campaign for RCV in statewide and federal elections in California.

We need your support.

We are a diverse, nonpartisan grassroots organization run and funded by volunteers and partner organizations from around California.

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