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Ranked choice voting is under threat in California

Apr 8, 2022

"It works, it’s cost-effective, it makes for more representative government and voters like it." -- Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin

Map of California cities using RCV

The Mayors of Oakland and Berkeley write in support of Ranked Choice Voting, in the face of a bill introduced in the state Assembly seeking to ban RCV across California. (The bill subsequently failed to make it out of the Assembly Elections Committee)

"California, the biggest and most diverse state, is teeming with opportunity but also is facing incredible challenges, ranging from drought to homelessness. To effectively address these problems, we need more representative government at the city, county and state levels.

Here in Berkeley and Oakland, one way we’ve made that happen since 2010 is through ranked choice voting. Using this method rather than traditional voting gives us an easy-to-use system that saves money and improves voter turnout while leading to the election of more women and people of color."

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