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California District 16 Primary Would Have Benefited From Ranked Choice Voting

May 17, 2024

In close races like this, it’s especially important that every vote has its maximum impact – yet just 38% of voters selected Liccardo or Low. That means 62% of voters aren’t represented in the results. If California used RCV, that 62% of voters could have ranked backup choices on their ballots and consolidated around a viable candidate they liked.

Map of California cities using RCV

"No matter how California runs its elections, there’s always the possibility of a razor-thin outcome and even a drawn-out count or recount – that’s okay. But in a single-choice voting with a crowded field of 11 candidates, things are more likely to get complicated, unrepresentative, and sometimes flat-out weird.

Ranked choice voting would be an easy upgrade with a much more representative result. Whether RCV is used in the primary, general election, or both, it would be an improvement over the current method."

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