About Us

We are a diverse, nonpartisan grassroots organization that believes upgrading our elections with Ranked Choice Voting is one of the most effective things We The People can do to address many of the seemingly intractable problems we face.

As the biggest and most diverse state in the U.S. and an economic powerhouse, California is teeming with opportunity and potential. It is also faced with some incredible challenges, from drought and wildfires to recurring budget shortfalls, from people living in poverty to an affordability crisis that impacts nearly everyone. To solve these challenges, we need a more effective and more representative government at the city, county, and state levels. Adopting Ranked Choice Voting across the state will help make that happen (find out how).


Our Vision

A California where all residents feel represented and heard.


Our Mission

To expand the use of Ranked Choice Voting to all Californians to ensure we have a greater voice in our democracy.


What We Do

Driven by our volunteers and partner organizations, Cal RCV:

  • Educates voters, candidates, and election officials about Ranked Choice Voting
  • Supports campaigns to adopt RCV in cities and counties across California
  • Builds the capacity (people, money, and endorsements) to pass a statewide ballot measure enacting RCV statewide 



Cal RCV is led by an all-volunteer Executive Committee that includes Tom Charron, Jessica Montgomery, Jim Lindsay, Paul Copley, and Guy Cammilleri together with a number of advisors from the RCV movement in California and nationally. Additionally, Cal RCV has a number of teams focused on specific areas of importance:

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (Team Lead: Amari McGaha, Team Deputy: Althea Skinner)
  • Field Operations & Onboarding (Team Lead: Sam Gordon, Team Deputy: Paul Copley)
  • Fundraising (Team Lead: Joe Slater, Team Deputy: Karen Fink)
  • Marketing (Team Lead: Paul Copley, Team Deputy: Warren Lee)
  • Policy & Research (Team Lead: Eric Roshan-Eisner)
  • Speakers & Endorsements (Team Lead: Arash Sayedi, Team Deputy: Lorelei Moosbrugger)
  • Tech & Data (Team Lead: Arash Sayedi, Team Deputy: John Diercks)



Cal RCV works together with a number of organizations that support the expansion of Ranked Choice Voting, including Level Up California, Californians for Electoral Reform, FairVote, Rank the Vote, Unite America, RepresentUs, Veterans for Political Innovation, and many others.


Our Supporters & Volunteers

Here is a small sample of the thousands of Ranked Choice Voting supporters that, volunteer, donate, and come to our ubiquitous Zoom meetings:

Cal RCV Supporters on Zoom



Founded in 2021, Cal RCV operates through two affiliated non-profit public benefit corporations: the California RCV Coalition Inc, a 501(c)(4), and the California RCV Institute Inc, a 501(c)(3). The 501(c)(4) designation allows us to advocate for legislation and influence the decisions of our elected leaders. Contributions made to the California RCV Coalition are not tax-deductible but allow us to do more to get RCV passed. The 501(c)(3) lets us use tax-deductible contributions to carry out our educational goals.