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New National Deliberative Poll Shows Bipartisan Support for Polarizing Issues Affecting American Democracy

Aug 10, 2023

Stanford Professor Larry Diamond: One of the biggest takeaways was the consistent majority support for Ranked Choice Voting in all of its different potential applications. After deliberating, majorities of our sample consistently supported the use of RCV for all kinds of elections — local, state, and national, and in both primaries and in general elections.

Map of California cities using RCV

""America in One Room: Democratic Reform" polled participants before and after deliberation to gauge their opinions on democratic reform initiatives, including voter access and voting protections, non-partisan election administration, protecting against election interference, Supreme Court reform, and more. The results show many significant changes toward bipartisan agreement, even on the most contentious issues."

Read the News Release and pages 5-6 of the Executive Summary for specifics on the 600 participants' views on RCV. 

Read the full Deliberative Poll results

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