L.A. City Council Call-In

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 09:00 AM
L.A. City Council Call-In


Online. Details sent upon RSVP.

Cal RCV strongly supports the local LA grassroots voices calling for a Charter Review Commission to explore solutions to restore trust in their democracy. As such, we are looking for supporters who live in the City of Los Angeles to call in to tomorrow's City Council meeting and ask for the council to add a CRC (Charter Review Commission) to item #41 on tomorrow's agenda.

Please keep your comments brief and on-message. We have prepared a statement that you are free to read if you wish. You are welcome to make your own statement but please cover the important items outlined in Cal RCV's prepared statement below.

I would like an amendment to item 41 (Council Expansion). Trust in our local democracy has gravely been undermined by not only this recent incident but a number of issues with our elected officials. It is critical that we have a process that engages the Los Angeles community to seek the solutions that will lead to the restoration of faith in our democracy and in our elected officials. I strongly encourage the members of this Council to amend this item to include an exploration of options for the creation of a Charter Review Commission tasked with restoring trust in our democratic processes.

You will be required to dial in to the meeting, which will begin at 10 am. We do not know if you will be required to be on the call for the entire meeting, or if you will be able to call in as the agenda item in question, #41, draws closer to discussion. Please be flexible, it's going to be a long meeting and we will keep you updated with details as best we can.

If you are able to commit to this extremely important action, please RSVP below using the form and we will be in contact to make sure you have all the relevant details in order to participate.

Thank you for your effort and support!

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