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Cal RCV supporter writing on a card

Ask Governor Newsom to Sign AB 1227 to Allow Santa Clara County to Adopt Ranked Choice Voting

You can help bring Ranked Choice Voting to the 2 million people of Santa Clara County. The people of Santa Clara County voted for RCV, however, state law is unclear whether the county can choose to move to RCV, even though it is a charter county. Assembly Bill 1227 clarifies that Santa Clara County can indeed adopt RCV as a charter county, and was passed with overwhelming support in both the Assembly (67 in favor, 0 against) and the Senate (31 in favor, 7 against).

Now the bill goes to Governor Newsom for his signature, and we need everyone who supports better elections in Santa Clara County to urge the governor to sign this bill!


For more information on AB 1227, read the bill text.

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