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Think our politics stink? Look north to Alaska

Jul 2, 2023

Political columnist Mark Barabak says Californians should look to Alaska's use of RCV to see how we can improve politics

Map of California cities using RCV

"Despite claims the system is stacked against conservatives, blanket ballots and ranked voting don’t automatically favor one party over the other. It doesn’t even stop strongly ideological candidates from winning, so long as they gain majority support.

Alaska’s conservative Republican governor, Mike Dunleavy, was reelected in November, the political scientists noted, and Rep. David Eastman, a member of the extremist Oath Keepers, was returned to the state Legislature.

Alaska is just one state — and an idiosyncratic one at that.

But the effort to promote consensus and elevate a less performative, more problem-solving approach to politics sets a good example.

More places should try it."

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