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Redondo Beach Votes to Enact Ranked Choice Voting

Mar 8, 2023

Cal RCV's campaign succeeds as the first city in Los Angeles County chooses the Instant Runoff method of voting

Map of California cities using RCV

First City in Los Angeles County to Choose the Instant Runoff Method of Voting

Redondo Beach, California - The voters of Redondo Beach have spoken and have chosen to implement Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for the city's elections, with election night results showing 77% in favor of Ballot Measure CA 5. Also known as Instant Runoff Voting, RCV allows voters to rank their choice of candidates on the ballot and eliminates the need for a runoff election while still ensuring a majority of voters pick each winner.

RCV has been gaining momentum as a preferred voting system across the United States because it addresses many issues with traditional voting systems. Redondo Beach voters chose to implement RCV for the following reasons:

  • Saves money for taxpayers: By eliminating costly runoff elections, the city will save a significant amount of money. The city’s 2013 runoff election cost nearly $300,000.

  • Gives voters more choices: With RCV, voters have more options to choose from as they can rank their preferred candidates. This allows voters to express their preferences more accurately.

  • Increases voter participation: RCV encourages more voter participation as voters are more engaged in the process, leading to more informed decisions and a higher voter turnout.

  • Reduces negative campaigning: RCV creates an environment where negative campaigning is not as effective, and candidates are encouraged to focus on issues and solutions.

“Voters using RCV in Oakland, San Francisco, San Leandro, Albany, Berkeley, and Palm Desert say RCV is simple and they want to continue using it. This system encourages candidates to focus on issues instead of uncivil attacks on their opponents in hopes of becoming your second choice” according to Redondo Beach Councilmember Laura Emdee, who wrote the argument in favor of Ballot Measure CA 5.

“Redondo Beach voted overwhelmingly for better elections,” said Tom Charron, Co-founder of the California RCV Coalition, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, volunteer organization working to expand RCV across the Golden State. “Instead of expensive, low-turnout, and unrepresentative runoffs, RCV will give voters more choice and more voice in a single election. This is also a major step forward for RCV in California, as Redondo Beach becomes the first city in Southern California to vote for this better election method.”

By choosing RCV, Redondo Beach voters have taken a significant step towards a more inclusive and democratic voting system. RCV is the fastest-growing nonpartisan voting reform in the nation and has now grown to 64 states, cities, and counties reaching approximately 16 million Americans across the nation.

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