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We have a variety of volunteering opportunities to fit your interests, skills, and availability. You can do as little or as much as you want!

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Field Ops

Help us grow the Cal RCV movement! Join our team and help discover high-traffic, politically aware events all over the state, then canvass these events to educate voters and connect new recruits to CalRCV. After recruits are signed up you can help reach out to welcome them by phone and email to find out how they can best support the cause and get them plugged in.


Speakers & Endorsements

If you have public speaking experience, this team is for you! Be the voice of the coalition at events throughout the state. Team tasks include giving talks about RCV at house parties organized by the Fundraising and LiveO teams, collecting volunteer information, and presenting RCV at meetings hosted by other organizations.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our goal as a coalition is to reflect the diversity of California. Help the Coalition connect to underrepresented communities.



Develop the financial engine to power the Cal RCV Coalition. On this team you will help develop fundraising strategies, ask for funds at meetings, execute grant opportunities, and thank donors for their contributions.


Policy & Research

The “think tank” of the org. Researches and writes quality reports to inform the various teams, finds local examples of elections that make the case for RCV, legal issues, political analysis, etc.


Tech & Data Management

Oversees all technology infrastructure including website, database, email blasts (e.g. NationBuilder), online collab tools (e.g. Google Workspace, Basecamp), meeting apps, etc.



Builds community across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social platforms. If you've got design skills, help create graphics (images and video) and collateral (signup sheets, flyers, etc.).


Better Elections San José

BESJ is a grassroots organization working to get RCV implemented in San José this November 2022! Join the movement and help us spread the word!


More Choice San Diego

Are you interested in helping RCV pass in the 2nd largest city in the state?   If so, our Team in San Diego is quickly growing and positioned to win there this November.  Sign up if you're interested in helping RCV win big in San Diego, and we will connect you to the right people.


Local Campaigns Team

Help us win RCV in cities and counties in California! Our team supports local RCV initiatives throughout the state. No prior campaign experience is required, but if you have some, please let us know about it!


I'm not sure

Not sure which volunteer team(s) you want to be part of? Talk with us! Click I'm not sure and then Save Volunteer Info and one of our volunteer welcomers will give you a call and answer your questions!


When you join one of our volunteer teams, you'll be growing our capacity to get measures for RCV on the ballot and passed. Whether you can devote one hour a month or several hours a day, you can help us attract the people, money, and endorsements we need to get ranked choice voting across California.

Learn more about our teams and choose one that you'd like to check out. Click on team to sign up and join an upcoming team meeting on Zoom, where you'll meet fellow RCV supporters and find out how you can get involved.