AB2808 Call-In Opposition

Wednesday, April 06, 2022 at 09:00 AM
AB2808 Call-In Opposition


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Tom Charron

Part of the process of formally opposing AB2808 will include voters from around the state calling in and officially registering their opposition with the committee.

Cal RCV is seeking 20 volunteers to be a part of this process. You will be required to dial in to the hearing, which will begin at 9 am, and be present on the call for the duration of the hearing, which will last approximately three hours.

The way the committee works is that we, the opposition, are allowed two lead witnesses against the bill (this will be the League of Women Voters and ACLU) and everyone else is limited to giving just their name, location, and position on the bill. For example, you will call in and say only: "My name is Jane Smith, I am a resident of Los Angeles, and I am opposed to AB 2808." That's it.

Because the committee will have already heard from witnesses against the bill, you are not allowed to give your own reasons and could be cut off if you do so. We are asking our public commenters to be brief, polite, and to follow this rule -- we want to stay in the committee chair's good graces!

If you are able to commit to this extremely important element of our Coalition's opposition to AB2808, please RSVP using the form and we will be in contact to make sure you have all the relevant details in order to participate.

Thank you for your effort and support!

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